Rules Begging to Be Broken

  1. Don’t chew with your mouth open – unless you’re eating a Nibble (how can you not?)
  2. Never wear white pants before Memorial Day – unless your butt looks freakin amazing in them (I take it you haven’t seen my white jeans…killer)
  3. Don’t talk in a movie theater – unless it’s boring (I fell asleep during Star Wars… don’t tell Josh)
  4. Always hold the door open for others – unless you’re feeling lazy (come on, you know you’ve totally pretended to not see that person behind you)
  5. Put the food back where you found it in the grocery store if you decide you don’t want it – unless the lunch meat you’re holding blends in with the granola bars you’re looking at (no one actually puts food back where it belongs… right?!)

Well – I’m breaking a food rule (#longhairdontcare)… I’m celebrating summer BEFORE Memorial Day with a Lime Nibble w/ Coconut Cream. This Nibble screams “S-U-M-M-E-R”. I don’t care that it’s not officially summer, and once you taste this Nibble you won’t care either.

Lime Nibble w/ Coconut Cream 






So what rules do you think are begging to be broken?! Comment below…

Happy Summer Friends!

-Meg xoxo





One thought on “Rules Begging to Be Broken

  1. Lauren Purtell

    Do unto others as you would want done to you… UNLESS your in stop and go traffic and someone tries to cut in front of you
    -Jamie Sossaman


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