Best Time to Nibble

It’s the million dollar question – When do you nibble? I’ve been giving away Nibbles for a few weeks now and have gotten mixed reactions… some folks eat them so fast I swear they have swallowed the paper, and others kindly say “thank you” and save it for after lunch.

My brother-in-law (#heyjake) is a Nibble nibbler and eats a Nibble and then goes back for 2 – 3 more Nibbles within the next 5 minutes. My buddy Dan can devour a dozen Nibbles in one day. My girlfriend, Maureen (pictured above), says, “I like to eat them when no one is looking because I don’t like people looking at my Nibbles.”

To each their own! Participate in the poll below and let me know The Best Time to Nibble! PS – Leave a reply if you don’t see a choice that suits you 🙂

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