4 thoughts on “Better Together Part 2

  1. Char Forseth

    I can’t wait to try the cinnamon nibbles! I loved loved the white cake nibbles with the (white vanilla I think) frosting soooo…. good!!! I am curious if I’ll like the cinnamon better.

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  2. Maggie Palmer

    You are killing me. Dead. These pictures are hilarious! On a less positive note, I tried tasting the cinnamon Nibble and chipped a tooth on my phone. #Imprettysureicouldtasteit
    *these are my first hashtags. Megs has inspired me.

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    • Meghan Forseth

      Dying of laughter – I’m going to do a Nibble “give-away”! I need to see how these things ship in the mail. Perhaps they will make their way to Denver… #youllbebackatthedentist #cavities


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