Better Together

Some things are just better together… deli sandwich and chips, cookies and milk, movie and popcorn, pretzels and beer, fish and chips, wine and cheese and Meg and Josh…. yeah, I went there. It’s our anniversary week – what else am I supposed to write?!

I like to think that Josh and I are better together. Josh is thoughtful, slow to make decisions, kind and sweet. I am energetic, quick to make decisions, silly and loud. Together we are better. Life is always better with a buddy, and I’ve been so blessed to have my buddy (#heyjosh) as my husband.

I asked Josh what Nibble he wanted in honor of our anniversary. He replied without hesitation “burger or beef jerky Nibble.” Without hesitation I said, “no”. I just read the word “meating disorder” and I think this applies to Josh. He’d rather have another steak than dessert, another burger patty than a cupcake and sometimes (I’m not making this up) eat another helping of chicken instead of ending his meal with a Nibble (#whatashame).

When pressed for a real answer, Josh said he wanted a Cinnamon Roll Nibble. So that’s what he got. I kid you not, this is the best Nibble I’ve made so far. Cinnamon and sugar are indeed better together. The dough was handmade (duh!), and I used brown sugar, sugar and cinnamon for the filling. Of course, cream cheese vanilla frosting was added for the finishing touch. Enjoy xoxo Meg


9 thoughts on “Better Together

  1. Tyler

    Unless you start advertising that your Nibbles are free-range, organic, and sustainably sourced, I can’t raise my Yelp review above 4 stars. I’d also appreciate if they were made in a LEED certified building and you offered a portion of your profits to your local French Bulldog rescue.

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    • Meghan Forseth

      Ty – getting 5 stars from you is like receiving 3 Michelin Stars… It’s something I will always try to achieve. But until then… I will continue to buy Roundy’s eggs, flours and sugar. Also for someone quick to not give above 4 stars… you sure eat the Nibbles fast… #justsaying


    • Meghan Forseth

      I’m going to do a Nibble’s give-away soon… so I can test to see how they ship! Stay tuned Morgie… Nibbles may be crossing state boundaries and be heading over to the Cowboy State (or whatever Dallas is known for).


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