My Heads About to Pop Off…

I say things like that when I get excited and boy am I excited! S-U-M-M-E-R is here people! This week I’m starring Lemon Chiffon Nibbles with Raspberry Frosting.

The Nibble is full of fresh squeezed lemon juice and zest and the frosting shouts “raspberry” from a mile away. This is one of those Nibbles that make your mouth pucker-up because of the tart and sweet (what a great combo). The chiffon makes the cake light and fluffy which is perfect beacuse the rasberry frosting is dense and sweeeeet!

Stay tuned this summer for some Nibble fun. I’ll be doing a Nibble Give-Away (how else am I supposed to see how Nibbles ships in the mail?!), debuting “Nib-Slips” (you know… the Nibbles that didn’t turn out so well) and of course, Josh will make an appearance or two. Next week I’ll be trying my version of Nibble Ho Hos… my mouth is already watering.






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