Celebrate Good Times… Come On!

I actually really don’t like that song but it’s super fitting for this blog post. I LOVE TO CELEBRATE. This is where I give permission to my closest friends to roll their eyes. Yes, just get it out of your system. I love to cheers with a cocktail, acknowledge birthdays and jump for joy when I hear anything great. Every year, right around Thanksgiving, I gear up for my annual birthday celebration (Dec 11th – mark your calendar).

I’ve starting using my Nibbles as an excuse to celebrate even more. Once a week I find that I have 50 or so delicious little Nibbles sitting on my counter. I pack them up in small little bundles and share them with neighbors, co-workers and friends. This week I was able to celebrate a co-workers 60th, another co-workers good-bye party, Josh and I finding a new apartment and the fact that it was Friday (Josh’s co-workers often get “Happy Friday Nibbles”). I find that when sweet treats are involved, the celebration gets real. People like to celebrate and they like to do it over food (and cocktails).

So cheers to Nibbles! Cheers to celebrating! And cheers to these ridiculous Ho Ho Nibbles that I made this week! Have a napkin ready, I’d hate for you to drool on your iPhone. Each little Nibble has a creamy center and the classic creamy swirl on top. The Nibble tastes like a cross between a brownie and a cake. These ones are really worth celebrating!






“Hello Creamy Center!!”





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