No Longer a Nibble Virgin

Lauren and Jack have finally done it… they have seen and tasted their first Nibble. Classic white-on-white with sprinkles galore. Jack didn’t stop at one, or two or three. Lauren tried to walk away after having one but with no shame walked back for another.

I brought the Nibbles to a family party and thought they would steal the show. Boy was a I wrong… Annie May the Golden… stole the show (see below). Annie May is Lauren and Jack’s golden retriever puppy. She’s part stuffed-animal-like part glam-puppy. She knows she’s cute, she knows she’s loved and she is S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Beware, the pictures below are stupid-cute.



#heyannie #firstfamilyphoto
I was never a “dog person” until I met #anniethegolden

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