Apples #onpoint

Yeah, I get it. Making anything apple or pumpkin flavored is a bit cliche during this time of year. I thought it would be an issue until Josh took these puppies (Apple Spice Nibble w/ Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting) to work…

I told Josh to send a staff-wide email saying that people were welcome to taste his wive’s nibbles in the staff kitchen. He didn’t think it would be “work appropriate” but he did send the email saying his wife made “mini cupcakes”. There was a stampede to the kitchen, people were trampled, someone got hurt and all that were left were crumbs. Most of that last sentence was a lie but you get the point.

I shredded Macintosh apples and added a boat-load of cinnamon, nutmeg and Penzy’s apple pie spice to the nibble mix. The nibbles are frosted with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting that amplifies the spice. And I quote from Josh, “I think this one of your best one yet.” I think I’m still blushing. I’ll have to make these again. They were too good.








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