Forseth Party of Three

Yup, those are baby blue and pink Nibbles… in honor of Baby Boy Forseth due in March! Josh and I were excited to have family and friends gather together as we revealed the gender this past Saturday. Of course, Nibbles were involved. Everyone took either a blue or pink Vanilla Nibble (depending on their guess of girl or boy) and was instructed to take a nibble at the same time. I piped the inside of the Nibbles with blue frosting to reveal that Baby Forseth is a boy.

The Vanilla Nibbles w/ Vanilla Frosting were delicious but I’m not sure anyone was paying attention (I sure wasn’t). Check out pics below from this special day xoxoxo

Mini Josh or Mini Meg?
The Nibble Tower
The “Parents”

The Grandparents (seriously how cute are they?)

“Baby Moon” in Seattle
Ate our way through the market… no joke

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