Bags, Brownies & Baby

I thought I was done baking Nibbles for a bit or at least until the baby gets here but my bags are packed and there isn’t much to do but WAIT! For real dad, my bags are packed. You can stop bugging me about it. Here’s proof…

Are you happy dad?

Tonight I whipped up a new recipe: Brownie Nibbles. I added sprinkles and mini chocolate chips because I couldn’t think of a reason not to. These Nibbles are a chocolate explosion and pack a small punch in one to two bites. Josh ate one while it was still warm and made the suggestion of adding frosting. Who knew the guy with no sweet tooth would have an opinion? So of course, I whipped up some chocolate buttercream frosting for the top. He was right… they are now complete with the frosting. Photos below may cause excessive drooling. You’ve been warned. 



And just because these Brownie Nibbles are only serving as a distraction as to what’s to come soon here are some pre-baby pics of the “baby’s nursery” aka our bedroom and the #babybump #38weeksandcounting

The “Nursery”
#bump #2weekevictionnotice

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