The Coffeehouse Collection : January 21 @ Oconomowoc Farmers Market

Todays Menu 2.jpg

If your mouth isn’t watering and your caffeine depleted heart isn’t pumping then you should reread the menu! Come join me and my mom (#heynanc) on Jan 21 at the Oconomowoc Farmers Market and take home your own Nibbles 6-pack. It will only cost you $6.50 and you’ll have to withstand a hug from my mom. 

A few guarantees for the market:

  • FREE samples
  • My mom will tell you how proud she is of me 
  • I’ll be rolling my eyes but secretly loving it
  • My sister’s sister-in-law and her hubby will be there selling their DELICIOUS empanadas. Check out their website: Did I mention they were delicious?!

If you know you’re stopping by and want me to save you a carton send me a text or email… they’ll go fast!

xoxo Meg 

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