Just a few things worth mentioning…

1) 22 days until the Opening Weekend of the Oconomowoc Summer Farmer’s Market! Nibbles is coming back with a BANG – new flavor combinations, limited-time flavors, better jokes and great tunes. All winter long I’ve been testing out new recipes and doing a lot of R&D (aka eating a ton of sugar).

I have two new obsessions: crumb toppings and combining sweet w/ salt. I read Momofuku Milk Bar by Christina Tosi – she’s the queen of the crumb. The first time I had one of her cookies was in Vegas and I obsessed over it so much that I saved the wrapper and tried to recreate the cookie. The cookies was a flop so I decided to tackle the crumb. It’s much easier and fool-proof. Josh thinks the Birthday Cake Crumb I perfected is the best thing I’ve ever made. You’ll have to see for yourself on May 4th at the market!

Birthday Cake Nibble


2) I’m an aunt to the most precious little girl in the world! I’m god-mother to Emelia Jean (we call her “Emmy Cakes”) and she is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She was born on Dec 28th and my sis & brother-in-law are killing the parent thing. Jude will be on close watch as he meets Emmy for the first time this weekend. He’s an animal… 

Emmy Cakes (insert heart emoji)


3) We built a house! And it’s almost done! When I say “we” I actually mean Josh 🙂 He designed every inch and I weighed-in on occasion with lots of head-nods and encouragement. We’ll be moving in at the beginning of the summer and I can’t wait to get some immediate use out of my new #doubleoven (no-brainer that I had to have that).

Rendering of the House!
Almost Finished!


See you at the Oconomowoc Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 4th! xoxo -Meg

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