Sunny with a Chance of Nibbles

Sun + Saturday + Spring = See you at the Farmer’s Market! Hello friends… if you haven’t heard it’s going to be 65 degrees and sunny tomorrow! So throw on those Chacos, baseball cap and grab a mug of coffee and visit me at the Oconomowoc Farmer’s Market. Last year I gave you 5 reasons to visit me at the market tomorrow. Here are five new reasons:

  1. I’ll be debuting my Party Nibbles! What could go wrong with funfetti cake, marshmallow vanilla frosting and sugar cookie sprinkle crumb? NOTHING!
  2. Pink Teepee Farms LLC will at the market too and they sell the most amazing produce. Also, Ben is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet!
  3. I have a new playlist. The Nibbles booth will have pumping jams. Spoiler alert… It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy has been added.
  4. Oconomowoc has some cool new shops that you need to check out post market! I am dying to check out Homebody. If you stop in before I get a chance let me know how great it is!
  5. Jude (and Josh) are stopping by at 11am. Jude will be helping sell Nibbles (and trying to eat as much frosting as possible¬†ūüôĄ)

Samples of the Party Nibbles will be available! I’ll see you from 8am – 12pm at the Oconomowoc Summer Farmer’s Market. ¬†xoxo Meg

Cookes & Cream Nibbles
Jude… eating a donut… before eating 5 Nibbles. He’ll be at the market tomorrow too!
Hurry to the market before they are sold out! 


Just a few things worth mentioning…

1) 22 days until the Opening Weekend of the Oconomowoc Summer Farmer’s Market! Nibbles is coming back with a BANG – new flavor combinations, limited-time flavors, better jokes and great tunes. All winter long I’ve been testing out new recipes and doing a lot of R&D (aka eating a ton of sugar).

I have two new obsessions: crumb toppings and combining sweet w/ salt. I read Momofuku Milk Bar by Christina Tosi – she’s the queen of the crumb. The first time I had one of her cookies was in Vegas and I obsessed over it so much that I saved the wrapper and tried to recreate the cookie. The cookies was a flop so I decided to tackle the crumb. It’s much easier and fool-proof. Josh thinks the Birthday Cake Crumb I perfected is the best thing I’ve ever made. You’ll have to see for yourself on May 4th at the market!

Birthday Cake Nibble


2) I’m an aunt to the most precious little girl in the world! I’m god-mother to Emelia Jean (we call her “Emmy Cakes”) and she is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She was born on Dec 28th and my sis & brother-in-law are killing the parent thing. Jude will be on close watch as he meets Emmy for the first time this weekend. He’s an animal…¬†

Emmy Cakes (insert heart emoji)


3) We built a house! And it’s almost done! When I say “we” I actually mean Josh ūüôā He designed¬†every inch and I weighed-in on occasion with lots of head-nods and encouragement. We’ll be moving in at the beginning of the summer and I can’t wait to get some immediate use out of my new #doubleoven (no-brainer that I had to have that).

Rendering of the House!
Almost Finished!


See you at the Oconomowoc Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 4th! xoxo -Meg

How I Built This

I have a full-blown obsession(s). It’s called How I Built This and Shark Tank. I am not seeking help at the moment and don’t plan on it. How I Built This is an NPR podcast about entrepreneurs, innovators and idealists and the movements they built. Everyone knows what Shark Tank is (right?).¬†

This morning I listened to How I Built This: Honest Tea. Such a cool story (most are great stories). Guy quits his super successful job at age 32 (he also has 3 kids and wife), starts up a tea company that he knows nothing about, invests all the money he has, kid gets sick, motivates him to try extra hard, networks, get’s tea on shelves at Whole Foods, some big bumps in the road, company gets bought and guy is super happy in the end. The host always ask the entrepreneur at the end the show if they would contribute their success to luck and/or hard work. Most innovators say something along the lines of both. The Honest Tea guy said he didn’t believe in luck. He said he worked hard for 10 years to get to the place where he’s at today. I loved that answer.¬†

I am LOVING the Farmer’s Market because everyone is so conversational. My mom said it’s like a happy hour but only in the morning (and there is no alcohol… bummer). People are in great moods, happy that it’s the weekend, willing to stop and chat and even purchase a box of Nibbles or two. If the host of how I Built This interviewed me at the Farmer’s Market this weekend and I’d tell him that I also don’t believe in luck. I’d tell him that all you need is a dream and a fan-club.

For me the dream is to actually be on How I Built This talking about Nibbles and the fan-club is my family (special shout-out to my employee of the year, Grammy Nanc). I’ll be at the Oconomowoc Farmer’s Market on Saturday from 8 – 12pm with Nanc. I’ve sold out the last two weekends so hurry to the market if you want a carton! My variety pack will include:

Put the Lime in the Coconut: Lime Cake w/ Coconut Buttercream Frosting Topped w/ Shredded Sweetened Coconut 
Banana: Banana Cake w/ Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting Topped w/ Banana Chip and Drizzled Salted Caramel
Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate Cake w/ Whipped Peanut Butter Frosting Topped w/ Mini Nutter Butter Cookie
Can’t wait to see you Saturday morning… xoxo Meg


Put the Lime in the Coconut
The Fan-Club

Cookies & Cream and Red Velvet

To say I’m having fun at the farmer’s market is a bit of an understatement. I am overwhelmed with the love, excitement and encouragement family and friends have shown over the past weeks. What started a couple years ago as a fun hobby has turned into fun business and I often pinch myself thinking “is this for real?!” I am so blessed to have the very best family and friends.

I’ll be at the Oconomowoc Farmer’s Market¬†this Sunday (Feb 25) from 9:30am – 1pm with:

  1. Cookies & Cream and Red Velvet Nibbles – 6 Pack (3 of each flavor) See pics below…
  2. Grammy Nanc… there is no shame coming to the market just to say hi to Nanc
  3. Tricicio Peru – aka the most delicious empanadas you’ve ever had



Check out the photos below to see how much fun I’ve been having at the market! See you this Sunday xoxo -Meg




Todays Menu_Feb 25.jpg

The Coffeehouse Collection : January 21 @ Oconomowoc Farmers Market

Todays Menu 2.jpg

If your mouth isn’t watering and your caffeine depleted heart isn’t pumping then you should reread the menu! Come join me and my mom (#heynanc) on Jan 21 at the Oconomowoc Farmers Market and take home your own Nibbles 6-pack. It will only cost you $6.50 and you’ll have to withstand a hug from my mom.¬†

A few guarantees for the market:

  • FREE samples
  • My mom will tell you how proud she is of me¬†
  • I’ll be rolling my eyes but secretly loving it
  • My sister’s sister-in-law and her hubby will be there selling their DELICIOUS empanadas. Check out their website:¬† Did I mention they were delicious?!

If you know you’re stopping by and want me to save you a carton send me a text or email… they’ll go fast!

xoxo Meg 

See you at the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market!

PINCH ME! You heard it friends! I’ll see you at the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market! ¬†I’ve never been one to hide excitement and I’m not going to start now. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be at a farmers market selling Nibbles! The deets are below:

Where: Oconomowoc Landscape Greenhouse (N68 W37850 County Trunk K, Oconomowoc, WI)

Dates: January 21 & 28, February 18 & 25 and March 11 & 18 (SUNDAYS)

Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm

What I’m Baking:¬†6-packs in the world’s cutest packaging (egg cartons). Each weekend will have a theme and the 6-packs will have 2 – 3 different flavor varieties. The only choice you have to make is how many 6-packs to buy! Follow Nibbles on Instagram (@megsnibbles) to find out the Nibble 6-pack theme each week.¬†

Friends &¬†family can pre-order up to 3 days in¬†advance to ensure I’ve got Nibbles¬†left for you. Josh (#heyjosh) and my mom (#heynanc) will accompany me some of the weekends. Juderbug (#heyjude) may even make a guest¬†appearance (no promises). Check out the photos below to see some of my test batches and get a¬†glimpse of where I get my¬†inspiration! Happy New Year xoxo Meg

Deadly Trio: Cookies & Cream, Carrot & S’more


Banana Nibbles (yes, that’s made-from-scratch salted caramel drizzled on top)


I LOVE baking books (I also got an ice-cream maker for xmas… yahoo!)


An Order for NYE: Cookies & Cream Nibbles


IMG_1322 2
New packaging for farmers market! #eggcartons



Christmas Nibbles Variety Boxes!

Today I redeemed my free birthday drink at Starbucks. What that means is that I carefully calculated the most expensive drink on the menu and ordered that. What I came up with was a Tall Almond Milk Chai Tea Latte w/ 2 Shots of Espresso. I know, I could have gotten the grande but seriously who can drink 14 gallons of almond milk?¬†I got the drink and took a swig. It was… AMAZING. It tasted like winter and Christmas with ginger, clove and nutmeg. Only thing missing was Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and fuzzy Santa slippers to make this the ultimate Christmas experience (I have both back the apartment).

My Chai Tea Latte inspired a new Nibble recipe and I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now… Chai Nibble: Chai Spiced Cake w/ Vanilla Chai Spiced Frosting Topped with Crystalized Ginger. It’s the closest I can get to baking the flavors of Christmas into a Nibble. The crystalized ginger puts this Nibble over the top. I LOVE ginger because it has bite and spice.¬†

I couldn’t possibly hog these Chai Nibbles so I decided to bake special Christmas Nibble Variety Boxes. You can purchase the boxes by the dozen or 1/2 dozen. Since it’s the Christmas season I’ve decided to wave all delivery charges and will do drop-offs in the Lake Country / Waukesha area. I’ll be making two different variety boxes on three different days. $7.00 for a 1/2 dozen and $14 for a dozen. Check out the schedule & details below:¬†

  • Tuesday, December 19: Mocha &¬†Lime in the Coconut
    • Dozen and 1/2 dozen orders will be 1/2 Mocha and 1/2 Lime in the Coconut
    • Orders must be requested by Monday, December 18th at noon
    • Nibbles can be dropped off on Tuesday, December 19th¬†
  • Wednesday, December 20 & Thursday, Thursday, December 21: Chai & Red Velvet
    • Dozen and 1/2 dozen orders will be 1/2 Chai and 1/2 Red Velvet
    • Orders must be requested by Tuesday, December 19th at noon
    • Nibbles can be dropped off on Dec 20 or Dec 21¬†

Please note that if you order Nibbles by the dozen they will be delivered in the classic Nibbles pink box. If you order by the 1/2 dozen they will be delivered in a cool 6-pack egg carton decorated with a holiday Nibbles sticker on top. It’s a win-win for whatever you choose!

Order your Christmas Nibble Variety Boxes today for your boss, favorite hairdresser, kid’s teacher and mailman (my mailman, Glen, doesn’t know it yet but he’ll be getting a Nibble Box next week… lucky dude)! To request an order click HERE.

Wishing you hope, joy and lots of love. Merry Christmas oxoxo Meg

Chai Nibble
Let’s get the party started!



Oprah’s Favorite Things

Oprah called after the Pop-Up Shop and wanted to add Nibbles to her 2017 list of “Favorite Things”. Unfortunately I was putting Juderbug down for a nap and the call went to voicemail. We’ve been playing phone-tag ever since …It feels good to dream a little bit doesn’t it?!¬†

If you weren’t at LOCALmke this weekend you missed Small Biz Saturday and the Nibbles Pop-Up Shop! No need to worry though. LOCALmke is open Thurs – Sunday and you can order Nibbles any time. Here are some highlights from the Pop-Up this past Saturday:

1. My mom (#heynanc) & dad (#heydad) surprised me and had a Nibbles t-shirt made. I had applied really great eye makeup that morning and it came off before the first customer walked in the door. #criedlikeababy


2. Things got dangerous! Josh torched the top of the Chocolate Marshmallow Nibbles. LOCALmke didn’t burn down, it smelled like s’mores and customers loved them.¬†


3. Over 375 Nibbles were devoured and/or bought between 10am – 6pm. The crowd pleaser seemed to be the Mocha Nibble. I mean who doesn’t love a chocolate covered espresso bean?


4. My #1 Fans showed up to support me and Nibbles. Some of my best of friends (traveling from North Carolina & Denver!), sister & bro-in-law from Minnesota, old work friends, friends, parents, family… the list goes on. It meant a LOT to me to have so much support!¬†


5. Put the Lime in the Coconut, Death by Chocolate & Banana Nibbles. I’m not sure which one I like better. Josh is encouraging me to put the Banana Nibble on the menu. It’s his favorite and a crowd pleaser. It will be added to the “Sassy” menu. The salted caramel drizzled on top puts this Nibble over the edge #sorrynotsorry


Thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday to celebrate the launch of Nibbles! It was a day I’ll remember forever. I’ll reference the event when Guy Raz interviews me for NPR’s “How I Built This” in 10 years. oxoxo Meg


Nibbles Pop-Up Shop: Nov 25th @ LOCALmke in Milwaukee’s Third Ward!

Nibbles Small Biz Saturday FINAL.jpg

That’s right folks… Nibbles will be popping up on Nov 25th at our favorite store, LOCALmke, located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. I’ll be debuting FOUR of my favorite Nibbles. Here’s the deets:

Put the Lime in the Coconut: Lime Cake w/ Coconut Buttercream Frosting Topped w/ Shredded Sweetened Coconut. Think tropics, sun and margaritas. Nothing wrong with that!

Mocha: Mocha Cake w/ Espresso Frosting Topped w/ Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean. Think strong cup of joe meets a deep chocolate cake. Good Morning!

Chocolate Marshmallow:¬†Chocolate Cake Filled w/ Chocolate Ganache w/ Marshmallow Frosting. Think ooey gooey goodness from the chocolate ganache and then prepare yourself to get blown away with the homemade marshmallow. I’ll have a blow torch with me so we can toast the marshmallow. #thingscouldgetdangerous¬†I’ll have samples of this one for you to taste!!!

Black & White: Vanilla Cake w/ Milk Chocolate Frosting. I know some of you enjoy the classics. You can never go wrong with a rich vanilla cake topped with milk chocolate #amiright

Most of these Nibbles are from the “Sassy” & “Outrageous” menus. Which means $12.50 is a steal for a sampling of all four Nibbles flavors. They’ll be packaged in the signature Nibbles pink box and sealed with a unique Nibbles sticker. Perfect for a gift, to devour on your couch alone (judgement free zone) or bring to work on Monday.¬†

I anticipate the variety packs will go fast, so in order to guarantee your Nibbles… pre-order today! Email, call or use this form (click on “form”). Pick up your Nibbles variety pack at LOCALmke between 10am and 6pm on Nov 25th. Check out pics of the four Nibbles below. MERRY CHRISTMAS (I’ve only said those two words about a million times and it’s only Nov 17 #sorrynotsorry)

xoxo Meg

Chocolate Marshmallow
Black & White
Put the Lime in the Coconut


Nibbles LLC – It’s Official!

Well, it’s official friends… Nibbles LLC is in business! As in small business- with a license, with a registered name, with a logo, with a business account and all that other stuff that makes it legit. The website has a fresh new look that hopefully portrays fun, sassy and delicious! With a new taste tester part of the family (#heyjude) and a new home (#lakegenevaliving) I thought NOW is as good as any time to start up a small business.

Grab a Spotted Cow or glass of wine and check out the website. Leave a comment or send me a message if something doesn’t look right. Follow this blog by entering your email address at the bottom of the website. You’ll be updated regularly on the sweet things I’m making and where I’ll be selling Nibbles. I might throw in a cute picture of Jude every once in a while (that was the selling point… wasn’t it?).

It’s been a while since you saw my Nibbles so enjoy the pics below. I’ve created a few new concoctions over the past few months.¬†


Outrageous Nibble: S’more – Yeah that’s toasted marshmallow on top FROM SCRATCH


Classic Nibble: Black & White- Vanilla Cake w/ Milk Chocolate Frosting


Sassy Nibble: Carrot