Bags, Brownies & Baby

I thought I was done baking Nibbles for a bit or at least until the baby gets here but my bags are packed and there isn’t much to do but WAIT! For real dad, my bags are packed. You can stop bugging me about it. Here’s proof…

Are you happy dad?

Tonight I whipped up a new recipe: Brownie Nibbles. I added sprinkles and mini chocolate chips because I couldn’t think of a reason not to. These Nibbles are a chocolate explosion and pack a small punch in one to two bites. Josh ate one while it was still warm and made the suggestion of adding frosting. Who knew the guy with no sweet tooth would have an opinion? So of course, I whipped up some chocolate buttercream frosting for the top. He was right… they are now complete with the frosting. Photos below may cause excessive drooling. You’ve been warned. 



And just because these Brownie Nibbles are only serving as a distraction as to what’s to come soon here are some pre-baby pics of the “baby’s nursery” aka our bedroom and the #babybump #38weeksandcounting

The “Nursery”
#bump #2weekevictionnotice

The Anti-Diet

New Year + New Start = New You

I lied… I actually don’t believe in the equation above. I think it’s lame to wait until one day out of the entire year to make a change and start something new. That would require a lot diddle daddling until January 1st to do something exciting. Regardless, it’s a new year which means I need to put the pedal to the metal and create some new Nibbles.

I started the  year with what I’d like to call the “Anti-Diet Nibble”. Remember, Nibbles are 1-2 bite sweet treats. When something is so small you can indulge and you don’t need to waste time searching for low-fat and “light” ingredients. My mom (#heynanc) always says “go big or go home” and I choose BIG (as in big, flavorful ingredients that pack a big punch).

So my first Nibble of 2017 is… an Italian Canoli Nibble (insert emoji of two crossed out eyes and open mouth). The shell is baked and you can taste the cinnamon and nutmeg. I coated the shells in melted chocolate because why not?! The filling is made from your traditional mascarpone and ricotta cheeses and powdered sugar. The finishing touch is a dusting of powdered sugar and mini choco chips. #utterdelight

I can’t help but quote Josh while eating one of these… “They are so good that I like to eat them with my eyes closed.” I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of these Canoli Nibbles in 2017… Cheers to a great year, no diets, sugar, going big and Nibbles!






“Surprise” Dad! #birthdaynibbles

At this rate, I think my mom (#heynanc) and I are on the path to opening up our own surprise party business. Everyone should know that if I ask you to join me for a drink at Wells Street Tavern in Delafield there is a 100% chance that there are 50 people in the basement waiting to yell “surprise” at you! And the other weekend that is exactly what happened to my dad for his 60th birthday. 

For dad’s celebration I made over 200 Nibbles. On the menu was Lemon Chiffon Nibbles topped with raspberry buttercream frosting, Brownie Turtle Nibbles topped with caramel and crushed pecans and Red Velvet Nibbles topped with cream cheese frosting. As usual, the Red Velvet Nibbles continued to steal the show. I managed to get the Brownie Turtle Nibble to have the dense consistency of a chewy brownie and with the drizzled caramel combined with the crunch of the pecans, this Nibble was consumed at a rapid rate. 

It seems as thought the “Nibble trend” is 2 – 3 Nibbles per serving and Nibble-eaters continue to eat them in 1 – 2 bites. Nibble requests are rolling in and 2017 will be a year of experimenting with new flavor combinations. In the meantime, happy birthday dad; you’re my favorite. 




Forseth Party of Three

Yup, those are baby blue and pink Nibbles… in honor of Baby Boy Forseth due in March! Josh and I were excited to have family and friends gather together as we revealed the gender this past Saturday. Of course, Nibbles were involved. Everyone took either a blue or pink Vanilla Nibble (depending on their guess of girl or boy) and was instructed to take a nibble at the same time. I piped the inside of the Nibbles with blue frosting to reveal that Baby Forseth is a boy.

The Vanilla Nibbles w/ Vanilla Frosting were delicious but I’m not sure anyone was paying attention (I sure wasn’t). Check out pics below from this special day xoxoxo

Mini Josh or Mini Meg?
The Nibble Tower
The “Parents”

The Grandparents (seriously how cute are they?)

“Baby Moon” in Seattle
Ate our way through the market… no joke

Your Dentist’s Best Friend

That’s me. Guilty as charged. I’m your dentist’s best friend. I blame my dad for blessing me with soft teeth. I guess it also doesn’t help that I find myself in the candy isle every time I’m at Target even though I’ve only stopped in for dryer sheets. By January 6th of this year I had already met my deductible at the dentist and had an emergency root canal. It kinda sounds like I’m bragging. It also sounds like TMI #sorrynotsorry

I discovered Oreo Thins a few months ago and can eat those without hesitation because they are the “healthy” version. I decided to make a Cookies and Cream Nibble w/ Vanilla Buttercream Frosting in honor of my new Oreo obsession. The bottom of the Nibble has a mini Oreo and the vanilla batter has crushed Oreo and vanilla yogurt that makes the cake moist and oh so delightful. Of course the frosting is topped with a mini Oreo because when sweets are tiny who is counting?

On a semi-related note… it’s officially Christmas season, and I hope I’m the first to wish you a Merry Christmas. For those that think it’s too soon (probably 99.9% of the population) remember that there is no harm in taking two months to celebrate the best time of the year and indulge in Christmas spirit. Tis the season to eat sweets and be merry! Now enjoy looking at these Nibble pics!





Apples #onpoint

Yeah, I get it. Making anything apple or pumpkin flavored is a bit cliche during this time of year. I thought it would be an issue until Josh took these puppies (Apple Spice Nibble w/ Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting) to work…

I told Josh to send a staff-wide email saying that people were welcome to taste his wive’s nibbles in the staff kitchen. He didn’t think it would be “work appropriate” but he did send the email saying his wife made “mini cupcakes”. There was a stampede to the kitchen, people were trampled, someone got hurt and all that were left were crumbs. Most of that last sentence was a lie but you get the point.

I shredded Macintosh apples and added a boat-load of cinnamon, nutmeg and Penzy’s apple pie spice to the nibble mix. The nibbles are frosted with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting that amplifies the spice. And I quote from Josh, “I think this one of your best one yet.” I think I’m still blushing. I’ll have to make these again. They were too good.








Willy Wonka

My friends know that I often describe things as “the best”, “most favorite”, “at the absolute top”, and “the most excellent”. I fully understand that by making everything my most favorite fill-in-the-blank I start to lose my credibility to rate things. Today (and always) I can say with “most certainty” that Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory is my most favorite movie of all time.

Maybe it’s the part where Veruca Salt sings “I want it now” and is deemed a bad egg. Or the part where Charlie and his grandpa drink too much fizzy lifting drink and need to burp their way down to safety. How can anyone forget the lickable wall in the candy factory? “Snozzberries taste like snozzberries”. But who am I kidding? I know my favorite parts are when Willy Wonka would say something completely sarcastic and innapropriate… “The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.”

I’d like to think that the movie somehow shaped my love for sweets and maybe even my view of the world… “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it; want to change the world… there’s nothing to it.” -Willy Wonka

Now enjoy these pics of my newest sweet creation. “Red” Velvet Nibbles. No food dye was used in the creation of these Nibbles hence the brown velvet. With a secret ingredient of vanilla yogurt these Nibbles are moist, spongie and beyond delicious. The vanilla cream cheese frosting tops the Nibble and gives it a well-rounded vanilla/chocolate bite – the perfect balance!


No Longer a Nibble Virgin

Lauren and Jack have finally done it… they have seen and tasted their first Nibble. Classic white-on-white with sprinkles galore. Jack didn’t stop at one, or two or three. Lauren tried to walk away after having one but with no shame walked back for another.

I brought the Nibbles to a family party and thought they would steal the show. Boy was a I wrong… Annie May the Golden… stole the show (see below). Annie May is Lauren and Jack’s golden retriever puppy. She’s part stuffed-animal-like part glam-puppy. She knows she’s cute, she knows she’s loved and she is S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Beware, the pictures below are stupid-cute.



#heyannie #firstfamilyphoto
I was never a “dog person” until I met #anniethegolden


Get it? #cake…. pound cake. Mom… do you get it?! These Strawberry Pound Cake Nibbles with Strawberry Puree Frosting were out-of-this-world. Just ask my girlfriends that visited me this past weekend! The cake was dense and had a blasting strawberry taste. The frosting screamed “strawberry” and was a perfect touch to the heavy cake. I realized there are some flavors that you don’t need to mess with and strawberry is one of them.





My WI Girlfriends #akatastetesters #friendapproved 

Celebrate Good Times… Come On!

I actually really don’t like that song but it’s super fitting for this blog post. I LOVE TO CELEBRATE. This is where I give permission to my closest friends to roll their eyes. Yes, just get it out of your system. I love to cheers with a cocktail, acknowledge birthdays and jump for joy when I hear anything great. Every year, right around Thanksgiving, I gear up for my annual birthday celebration (Dec 11th – mark your calendar).

I’ve starting using my Nibbles as an excuse to celebrate even more. Once a week I find that I have 50 or so delicious little Nibbles sitting on my counter. I pack them up in small little bundles and share them with neighbors, co-workers and friends. This week I was able to celebrate a co-workers 60th, another co-workers good-bye party, Josh and I finding a new apartment and the fact that it was Friday (Josh’s co-workers often get “Happy Friday Nibbles”). I find that when sweet treats are involved, the celebration gets real. People like to celebrate and they like to do it over food (and cocktails).

So cheers to Nibbles! Cheers to celebrating! And cheers to these ridiculous Ho Ho Nibbles that I made this week! Have a napkin ready, I’d hate for you to drool on your iPhone. Each little Nibble has a creamy center and the classic creamy swirl on top. The Nibble tastes like a cross between a brownie and a cake. These ones are really worth celebrating!






“Hello Creamy Center!!”