Why wait… celebrate!

That’s my motto for EVERYTHING! For real, life is meant to be celebrated often. Whether it’s a co-workers birthday, the weekend or a get-together with your friends it’s an excuse to celebrate. Nibbles can help with those celebrations. Boxed neatly in a bright pink bakery box and sealed with a signature Nibbles sticker you’ll impress your friends and knock the socks off your co-workers when you show up with Nibbles. 

Nibbles can aid in all types of celebrations. Check out some celebration ideas below. This list is just the icing on the cake (pun intended):

Baby Gender Reveal Party: Nibbles can be piped with pink or blue frosting. Family and friends simply take a blue or pink frosted Nibble depending on whether they are “Team Girl” or “Team Boy” and on the count of 3 everyone bites into their Nibble. 

Baby Shower: What’s cuter than a baby?! Nibbles! (It’s actually a lie, nothing is cuter than a baby.) Nibbles can complete your baby shower with perfectly decorated mini desserts! 

Birthdays: Kids or adults.. it makes no difference! Do your Nibbles need goggly eyes for your silly 5-year old or decadent salted pecans for your father’s 50th? Just make the request and you got it!

Weddings: This is YOUR special day so no need to skimp on the glitz or glamour! Want to do some sampling before you commit (I get it, it’s your wedding and it’s a BIG deal!)? Samplings available!

Office: Co-workers birthday, work anniversary, mid-week sugar pick-me-up, Boss’s Day… the list goes on. Bring Nibbles into your office and your next performance review will be off the charts (no guarantee). 

Holidays: Holidays = Celebration. It’s a hand in a glove. Don’t you dare show up to your next Christmas gathering without a box of Nibbles.