Meet Meg

Name: Husband Josh & friends call me Meg. Sister calls me Megra. Mom calls me Meggie. Jude (cutest son on the planet) calls me mama. 

Live: Recently moved from Chicago. Hot Dog Capital of the World. Food & Drink Mecca. City of Amazing Architecture & Garrett Popcorn. Now living in WI. LOVE Milwaukee. Cheese, Beer & Fish Fry Capital of the World. Temporarily Resides in Lake Geneva. Eventually Building a Home in Wales, WI. Go KM Lasers. Go Pack Go. 

Hobbies: Baking (duh). Dining Out. Indulging in Seasonal Food & Drinks. Touristy Activities (architectural boat rides, ice skating rinks, Christmas tree lightings, etc), Giggling with Jude & Josh, Hanging w/ Family. Talking on the Phone (mostly w/ mom #heynanc). Instagramming Photos of Juderbug (#heyjude)

Love: Josh (#heyjosh). Jude (#heyjude). My Parents & In-Laws. Sis, Twin Bro & Bro-In Laws. My Friends (I have the BEST Friends). Taking a Joke Too Far. Drinking Old Fashioneds. Skyscrapers. My Birthday. Lady Gaga & Prince. Toasting. Nature. A Good Online Deal. Church. Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte w/ Two Extra Espresso Shots. Gino’s Deep Dish Pizza. Christmas. Nibbles.

Secrets: Only Sings Prince Songs At Karaoke. 3 Minutes Older Than Twin Brother. Used to Not Like BBQ Sauce But Now Obsessed. Eats Lunch Around 11:15am (I try to wait as long as possible). Really Likes Parents. Sings Out Loud During Spin Class. OBSESSED with son Juderbug (probably not a secret). Made Husband Ask Me to Junior Prom.