Life is supposed to be fun. Friends are supposed to make you happy. Family is supposed to make you feel loved. Dessert is supposed to be fun, make you happy and feel loved. Nibbles does exactly that. 

Nibble creations are inspired from online recipes, my favorite bakers, requests made by friends and family and what’s in season. They are whipped up in my kitchen using ingredients found at the local grocery store and farmers markets. Everything is homemade unless indicated on the menu (i.e. salted caramel sauce is the real deal). 


Click on the menu to see what tickles your fancy, makes your taste buds dance and cavities ache (yeah, I use sugar… the real stuff). The menu changes often and special requests can happily be made.

The pics aren’t enticing enough? Really? Ok, well here are 5 reasons to eat a Nibble:

  1. No need to hit the gym… it’s just a Nibble.
  2. Satisfy your sweet tooth.
  3. Unlikely 2 bites will contribute to a cavity (unless you’re me – my dentist loves me).
  4. Who wants to be seen eating a “normal-sized” cupcake? Nibbles make you look cute.
  5. My mom said so and she’s the boss.