Nibble Story

Why wait… celebrate!

Life is supposed to be fun. Friends are supposed to make you happy. Family is supposed to make you feel loved. Dessert is supposed to be fun, make you happy, and feel loved. Nibbles does exactly that. I believe life’s moments can easily be celebrated with a little effort. For me it can be a simple toast, preparing a special dessert, gathering a few friends and family or sharing Nibbles.

I eat a meal only so I can eat dessert. (ask my mom… I swear I did this when I was a kid). Once I devour my meal I’m left with the hardest decision of the day – what do I choose for dessert? I’m a dessert-a-holic so I always have options in my kitchen.

A few years ago it dawned on me that people shouldn’t have to decide what to eat for dessert… they should have their cake and eat it too (literally). That’s when Nibbles was born. Small, bite-sized desserts that can be eaten in quantities of 3, 4, 5… no one is counting. I believe people like variety; a little bite here and a little bite there. So you feel like some chocolate but want banana spice too? Why choose? Have a Death by Chocolate Nibble AND Banana Nibble!

I’ve been bringing Nibbles to birthday parties, BBQ’s, gender reveal parties, dropping them off as gifts and bringing them to the office for a couple years. What I often hear is “these are so cute!” and “wow, where did you buy these?”. I could only hear “you should really sell these” so many times before I needed to figure out how I could “really sell these”. So here I am today! Nibbles come in an adorable box and sealed with a custom Nibble sticker. Whether you are gifting Nibbles, eating them yourself or both, I hope they add to your celebration… whatever it may be!

I have no idea when you’re too old to have your dad take a picture of you next to something you’re proud of (hopefully not age 31). #nibblenibbles