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I get it. You’ve seen enough. Your mouth is watering. You can’t function unless you get a Nibble ASAP. You’re frantically searching your apartment for a sweet treat. You start looking in places you know you won’t find one (you know, like when you look under the bed thinking a candy bar may be hiding underneath). We’ve all been there. Breathe, don’t panic, and follow the directions below:

How to Put in An Order:

Orders can be accepted via phone or email. Requests can be made up to 48 hours in advance. Each Nibble flavor must be ordered in minimum quantities of 2 dozen. Call 414-839-6319 or email megsnibbles@gmail.com

How to Pay:

Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card. 

How to Receive Your Nibbles:

Orders can be picked up or delivered. Nibbles are made in the Lake Country so orders in for the Waukesha area are FREE! Deliveries outside of Waukesha will cost ya (it’s worth it!) and fee will range anywhere from $5 – $20 (depends on the day/time and if I’ll be in your area on the requested delivery date). Please inquire about pricing (come on… I’m saving you a trip to the grocery store!).

Pop-Up Nibbles:

Just when you thought life couldn’t get sweeter Nibbles may “pop-up” at a venue near you! Throughout the year Nibbles can be found at local stores, farmers markets and street festivals. Please check website often or better yet… follow the blog so you can see where Nibbles will be next. New Nibble recipes and concoctions will be debuted at pop-ups and will be available for purchase by the 6-pack!